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My baby start walking


Like other mothers, I was also very excited about just everything of my baby- the first cry, first smile, first stand and of course the first steps. Indeed, baby’s first steps are an exciting milestone. My little angel ages two today, but the unforgettable moment of those tiny legs walking on their own is still fresh in my memories. Every mother has an exciting story of her baby’s first walk, but mine is something really exceptional. I bet you will love it.


My little Alice aged 13 months then. I was so excited to see here tiny legs walking. But every time my expectation to witness the “first steps” of my baby ended up with disappointments. There were certain complications in my pregnancy that consequently affected the health of Alice. The doctor already told me that she would take a little longer to walk.

However, that didn’t disappoint me anyway. Not only did I took best care of my baby’s health, but also doubled the efforts to strengthen her limbs. My efforts were bearing good results. Hence, my expectations to see my baby’s first steps at the earliest grew up. But I was a little disheartened when even after so many efforts Alice could walk without a support after she turned out to be of 12 months.



I began to lose hope. Still the ray of hope stood alive somewhere in the corner of my heart. It was 24th of December. We were all asleep. Then suddenly in the middle of the might I saw Alice was nowhere in the room. It was like a heart attack to me.

My mind was beginning to stuff with too many worries…What happened to my little baby? Where did she go? ….! And there is she, down the stairs. O wait, wait…I can’t believe my eyes. I see my baby start walking, my little Alice was walking around…and tears rolled down my eyes. It was the most joyous moment of my life. The very moment clock struck 12. I felt as if it wasn’t the pendulum, but Jesus wishing us “Merry Christmas!”.

Thought I share a organic crib mattress review with you

The buzz on the internet and TV commercials about adopting an organic lifestyle got me thinking and I finally decided to try an organic crib mattress. The concept behind organic mattresses according to manufactures is switching to beddings with less chemical exposure and environmentally friendly.


In this organic crib mattress reviews, I will give you insights and reasons why you should probably consider switching to an organic crib mattress.




Flame and mold retardant. 

The traditional mattress is known to easily catch fire and causing a lot of accident but this is different with organic an organic mattress. Children can be mischievous so it is better to stay on the safe side and look for a flame retardant mattress. An organic mattress is both flame and mold retardant considering that it is made using chemical free organic wool.



Protect your child from allergies.

Organic mattress is the way to go especially for children who are allergic. Ordinary mattress may cause allergies to some children keeping in mind that they are made using latex that may not react well with the skin. Organic latex on the other hand is very safe and will not cause any irritation on the skin.



Safe, hygienic and chemical free.

An organic mattress is hygienic and free from chemicals. This is because unlike the ordinary mattress that is likely to harbor numerous bacteria and germs, chemical free wool does not encourage growth of mold and bacteria. Your child will sleep in a clean and chemical free mattress every night.



No more sleepless night for your baby.

An organic mattress is more comforting and gives your child a comfortable night sleep. The reason must be as the result of material used to make organic mattress. Most organic mattresses are made from either wool or cotton and sometimes both. Wool and cotton are soft and I realized that these provided a very comfortable sleeping surface for the baby. Using an organic mattress will give your child a comfortable night sleep. If your baby have problem sleeping I recommend you have a look at this website. Tina the owner share awesome tips and trix to help your child sleep.



Environmental friendly.

This is the major concern behind making an organic crib mattress. This mattress is made from pure organic materials such as cotton, wool and organic latex. These are organically obtained materials from our natural environment. When time comes for disposal, an organic mattress does not have any negative effects on the environment. This is different from the ordinary crib mattress that are made from petroleum synthetic materials that negatively affect our environment.